12 November, 2020

Email marketing a small weapon

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Email Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that are prevalent since a long time now. Due to direct interaction with the potential clients, Email Marketing has been a successful marketing campaign since early 90s, whereas other marketing strategies, like SEO and Social Media don’t find their respective genesis back in 90s.

In the past decade, these marketing pursuits have gained popularity and have indulged many businesses in their usage; thereby, belittling the conventional email marketing, which is underrated, to some extent.

This article will furnish you with the secrets that detail the unsung significance of email marketing in the present era; it could be your most vital weapon for online marketing in the year 2015.

Deign of Social Media Reach

No doubt social media has played a significant role in online marketing over the past years, and Facebook has been a prominent leader in this context. However, according to a recent survey, it is found that the Facebook reach has dropped off from 15% to 2% over the years, putting a restrain to marketing opportunities associated with it.
On the other hand, the opportunities associated with email marketing is only limited to the mailing contact list you have. More contacts results in a better outreach.


SEO has seen rapid progress within few years just after it made its advent, yet it is bound to assume the challenges imposed by Google. SEO marketing is becoming tougher with each passing day, owing to Google’s continuous updates, making SEO experts work harder to achieve the desired results. However, it is not the case with email marketing; there are no such Penguin or Panda updates that could deter the prevalence of email marketing; hence, better than SEO.

Moreover, SEO campaigns are vulnerable to discrepancies in the search results –considering search results of the same website of mobile version and desktop version. Email, on the other hand, is always received in the same mailbox; thus, no discrepancy.

Email Marketing is Specific

By virtue of email marketing, you can target the desired audience in the most precise manner. It’d be you who would choose the target audience; such privilege is not availed in SEO or Social Media pursuits. Further, if a business goes off-site, one can get still approach it through email marketing, unlike SEO.


You are not required to invest as much in email marketing campaign as it is sought by SEO marketing. Once you have promoted your message or proposal over the email, you are sure to receive opportunities for your business or whatever is the cause without spending extravagantly on resources.

Email marketing is a prominent part of online marketing industry and has always surfaced as the best online marketing strategy, even when other volatile strategies fail. As they say, ‘Old is Gold’, email marketing justifies the aforementioned phrase in all aspects. Email marketing is unaffected by the ever-altering marketing pattern. It has always been and will be reliable and effective for both business owners and clients.

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