How to Get Inspired and Create a New Form of Chess Game

In conversation with Rudolph Krall

In this episode of Ecommerce Experts Talk, Marc Bishop interviewed Rudolph Krall, the inventor of Battle Field Chess Game, the new form of chess. Rudolph reveals how he got inspired to form a new game and uses his digital marketing strategies to upkeep his Ecommerce business. Watch now for some profound insights.

I’d like to leave this game to posterity!

Rudolph Krall
The inventor of Battle Field Chess Game, the new form of chess
Hi, everyone; welcome to the inaugural episode of WYTPod. Great to have you here. We have a special guest today, he is the inventor of Battlefield chess, and his name is Rudolph Krall. Rudolph, thanks a lot for joining us today.

Thank you.

How's everything?

Well, it could be better, but it’s coming along.

Great, so let's jump in and maybe you can share some background information about yourself.

I’m a retired tool die, maker. I went to a trade school for high school, where I majored in the shop. I was hired a year before I got out of school. They were so impressed with my grades and skills that I graduated on a Friday and went to work on a Monday for a company called Lincoln Electric. You’ve probably heard of them.

I have.

They’re one of the world’s biggest arc welding manufacturing companies. I worked there for 36 and a half years, and then i retired. I moved to Florida and love it down here. I had had enough of that snow up north.

Yeah, i bet. You retired. It's the law, and you have to move to Florida.

Yeah, tax advantages and the weather, you know, it’s beautiful down here. Anyway, with my retirement from making things and selling things, about 10-12 years ago, I was playing chess against my computer, and i found that if I made it hard enough, it gave me a challenge. The computer was taking forever to make a move. 20-30 minutes to make one move, and if I break it quickly enough, I don’t have to wait that long. I beat it every time, so i didn’t get bored with it, and i started thinking, you know, there must be a better way to play this game. I thought about it for a while and decided that if I added two squares all the way around the board, that would be more than double the size of the plane area, and it would give me so many more possible moves. It sounded right to me. So I went, got a piece of poster board the first time, cut out a 20-inch square contact paper, and caught up little squares. I stuck them on there, let it out and started playing with it, and the more it turned out to be just great, I started playing with, you know, friends and family. They loved it, and they’re all asking me to make their boards. Since I was a total diet maker, I could make anything.


I started making on board; you know that’s time-consuming; it takes hours to make a board to lay it out like that to make it look nice, so I did that for a few years, and finally, they were all telling me, hey why don’t you run manufacturer and then sell these. I thought, yeah, that might be a good idea, so I’ll give it a shot; here I am today. It’s so much more fun playing this way, or a good example is on your first move, it’s your standard chessboard; you’ve got a possibility of 20 moves to each with a pawn that’s 16 and to each what a night that’s a total of 20 moves. On the bigger board, you can move any piece on the board. It gives you a total of 55 moves on the first move; that’s two and a half times as many, so you can see just from there how much more exciting this game would be not only that you can run Rooks down the side of the board and attack from behind you flank your opponent, that’s way, it’s just so much more enjoyable it changes the game entirely. However, the game rules are the same, and it’s just a bigger warrant.

Right, so all the pieces move exactly the same way?

Exactly the same way.

Yeah, it's interesting, so you started out with just friends and family and then you're spreading it now to the rest of the world, I guess, right?

That’s right, that’s what I’m trying to do, I’m getting quite old anymore, and my health’s failing. Before I pass on, I’d like to leave this, and you know, for the rest of the world.

Now, that's a great vision; what would you say is the most significant difference between standard chess and Battlefield chess?

The important difference is it’s much more exciting to play because the old standard strategies to win the chess won’t work with the bigger board, you have to come up with all new strategies, so it’s the same game, but it’s completely unique.


The game has stayed the same for over 400 years; it’s time for a change, you know, it’s starting to get boring.

So, all your standard openings go by the wayside now?


All the new strategies?

Yes, you can’t win in two or three moves anymore.

Actually, you know, come to think of it.

There’s a strategy; you hear about that happening; you could win with two moves, and there’s another one where you can win with three moves. They won’t work because when you put the king in check with those strategies, the king can move out of the way because the backspaces are open.

Right, so how many moves can you win and do you have that figured out?

I am still figuring out the minimum number of moves.

That's some serious math; you have to do that right.

That’s right, there are so many different moves, you know, I still need to figure that out. Even though I’ve been playing it for several years already, everything is different.

Sure, what's the longest game you ever played on Battlefield chess, do you recall?

Less than an hour. They don’t take that long.

Okay, so overall, what do you want to achieve?

I’d like to leave this game to posterity, like they, you know, have other people know about it because once I’m gone, it’s gone too.

So, 100 years from now, people will play Battlefield chess; somebody recall you, right?

Yes, exactly, and you know you can still play this game with the board, you can still play the old way if you want, but I’m sure once you start playing the new way, you won’t want to!

Well, I'm getting excited about it now. I'll have to get a board for myself. I'm not a chess genius by any stretch, but I do enjoy chess very much.

Well, I’m not a genius either, but I enjoy chess too, and as I said, this is much more fun than the old way.

Listen, I appreciate your vision, and I'm certain that it will be left for posterity and will be around long after you're gone. It's incredible, and I appreciate your time today on WYTPod thank you very much for joining us; we'll check back with you after you've sold your first hundred thousand units.

Hahaha, I hope that’ll probably take a little time.

Okay, thanks, Rudolph!

Yes, thank you.

Thanks a lot. Take care of yourself.

Yep, thanks, bye-bye.

Bye now!



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