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Why does your business need SEO?

With telecommunication companies working so hard to offer the highest-speed connection, online shopping has gone up. The market is flooded with an abundance of products/ services to solve consumers’ pain points, cater to their needs, and create various new needs that consumers want to be fulfilled ASAP. Therefore, it’s become crucial for businesses to leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization to their advantage.

SMEGOWEB is a full-service SEO agency with capabilities across web design, development, and digital marketing. We use the most current methods agreed upon by industry experts to ensure your brand gets the recognition it deserves. This means increasing website traffic, engagement, enhancing sales, boosting SEO ranking, and becoming the top name in your industry.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of our search engine marketing and optimization services to stand ahead of your competition. When you hire us, we pay close attention to detail every step of the way, making sure nothing is overlooked when it comes to SEO in Auckland.

Walk with us through the 10 Steps of SEO Glory

Everything we do is aimed at building purpose into your website, from using proven SEO techniques to designing stunning logos, link building, content creation, and proposing marketing strategies that resonate deeply with your products and message.
Market Research

We study your target audience — their likes/ dislikes; get acquainted with your products/ services, and work with you to understand your specific goals.

Perform a Website Audit

Before building an SEO strategy, we assess your website to identify web pages that are performing well and the ones that can be improved. From Webdesign Audit to Content & Security Audit, we do it all.

Competitor Analysis

After gaining insights into your site’s performance and your target audience, we study your competitors to identify threats and opportunities.



Keyword Research

We use keyword research tools and our knowledge to identify the most searched keywords in your niche and build a strategy to target them.

Keyword Mapping

This is done to determine where to optimize keywords, what content to create targeting those keywords, and which new pages can be added to attract more customers.

On-Page Keyword Optimization

By making changes to your META titles, TITLE tags, webpage content and website URLs, we improve your on-page elements according to the search engines’ requirements.

Content Creation

We optimize existing content for keywords and create new content that your readers and search engines will love.

Link Building

Backlinks back your content, your website and your business. To improve the number of qualified backlinks, we contact and collaborate with high DA blogs and industry experts.

Tracking The Progress Of Our Campaigns

We create an SEO strategy for your business after reviewing the existing strategy. We run the campaign and analyse your marketing performance while tracking customer engagement every step of the way.

Improving The Strategy Based On The Results

After monitoring what works for you and what doesn’t, we optimize the campaigns to deliver exceptional results. We also keep improving our strategies based on the latest trends and updates released by the search engines.


Tailor-Made SEO Service Packages in Auckland

When it comes to search engine optimization, SMEGOWEB uses award-winning techniques that deliver results and moves your company forward to fulfilling the goals and priorities you have established for your online presence.

Each business has its own unique requirements. The SEO strategy that suits your competitors, might not be the right fit for you. We understand that and therefore, offer a unique approach towards each client. Ours is a digital marketing agency where customer satisfaction tops all. Marking the end of the one-size-fits-all world, we remind our clients that they can have things their way.

We customise SEO services for all our clients so that they can reach their end goals without many bumps in the road. Our team of content marketers, creators, SEO experts, website designers, developers, project managers work together to develop strategies based on the unique needs of your organization and clients.

Schedule a call today to discuss your SEO requirements and understand how we can bring more traffic to your website.

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    What’s Included in
    Our Custom SEO Packages

    SMEGOWEB is New Zealand’s leading SEO agency offering quality services at affordable rates. We use time-tested techniques & paid SEO tools to implement and optimise campaigns that will help you achieve your individual business goals. Our SEO experts know what it takes to grow your business.

    Help us understand your business better and let us take care of the rest. Join hands with us and we will help you tell your story like never before. Along with website optimization, content creation, keyword mapping, competitor analysis, link building, we cover all the aspects of social media marketing so that you rank higher on Google’s search engine results.

    Site Health
    Site Health

    We constantly monitor your website’s health to rectify an issue before it turns into a huge problem. With the help of various tools and apps, we work on improving metrics important to user experience and site health.

    Competitive Analysis
    Competitive Analysis

    Gaining adequate knowledge regarding your competitor’s business strategies, best practices and potential pitfalls can help our SEO experts devise a full-proof SEO strategy that makes you the top pick for your products/ services in Auckland. When preparing a competitor report, we make sure to break down the important figures for your understanding.

    Page Optimization
    Page Optimization

    Search engines keep updating their algorithms to help customers get the best results for their queries. This is why some brands that don’t opt for Auckland SEO services witness a fluctuation in their search engine rankings. But not when they are in business with us. We keep optimizing web pages to ensure your traffic remains unaffected by any changes in the algorithm.

    Link Building
    Link Building

    Through blogger outreach and guest posting, we ensure to help you build strong connections with the leading experts in your industry. We also send effective proposals to bloggers with high DAs in order to build credibility and customer following.

    Monthly Reporting
    Monthly Reporting

    We keep eyes on how each campaign is performing. To help you understand which advertising channels, web pages, marketing strategies and techniques worked best for you, we present you with a transparent reporting system. Measuring the effectiveness of each campaign is important to identify your strengths/ weaknesses and all the mistakes that you need to avoid moving forward.

    Content Marketing
    Content Marketing

    We provide useful, authentic, and insightful content to your users and gain their trust in return. Our team of copywriters and content strategists know the role of content in driving profitability, maximising revenue, and changing users’ lives. We write everything from newsletters to webpages, meta descriptions, eBooks and google my page listings.



    We are the top SEO Agency based in AUCKLAND. Reason?

    We deliver what we promise. We won’t give you false hopes just to improve our client base. Our aim is to help you improve your revenue. And we will only take up your project if we are sure we can help.

    How do we work?

  • 01

    When you call us to discuss your project, we sit down with the team to understand your goals, study your competitors, target audience, and create a timeline for your project. When your objectives are made clear, we set realistic deadlines and work towards achieving them.

  • 02

    We walk you through every step of the process so that you know what to expect. From content marketing to SEO writing and website optimization, we guide you through all the steps involved in improving your ranking in organic search.

  • 03

    Once all the research is done, we customise an SEO plan for your unique business requirements.

  • Powering The Industry’s Finest

    We have partnered with leading digital marketing agencies around the globe to create something remarkable together.

    We have partnered with leading digital marketing agencies around the globe to create something remarkable together.


    Some Common Questions About Digital Marketing

    Google performs over 5.8 billion searches every day. This means that a large number of people really use Google and other search engines to find useful content, products and services that they need.

    Skipping SEO means you will be leaving your online business weaker by closing one great opportunity for gaining qualified traffic and leads.

    SEO is majorly divided into two categories:

    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO

    Anything that we do on our website to improve SEO results is considered an on-page SEO practice. Similarly, SEO practices carried out away from our website are known as Off-page SEO practices.

    Here are some of the most important On-page and Off-page SEO techniques:


    • Quality content
    • Titles optimisation
    • Meta tags
    • Page speed optimisation
    • Image optimisation


    • Content distribution
    • Guest posting
    • Press release
    • Link building

    SEO is an integral part of the web design and development process. To make sure that your website’s search engine optimisation is spot on, we create responsive websites using various website building platforms ranging from WordPress to Magento, depending on your business’s digital marketing and SEO requirements.

    For example, Magento is generally the best fit for ECommerce websites. Similarly, WordPress websites are popular, easier to use, have great impacts and rankings in the search engines and can create a wide variety of website types.

    Other popular SEO friendly website development platforms that we may use according to your needs:

    • Weebly
    • Squarespace
    • Wix

    Regardless of the industry, every single business that wishes to acquire online leads needs to pay attention to search engine optimization. And when you don’t have an in-house digital marketing team, hiring professional SEO services will be the best.

    We understand this and the fact that businesses from all industries need search engine optimisation and digital marketing services. This motivates us to keep our digital marketing and SEO services open for businesses from all industries.

    So, whether you own a local vegetable business in Auckland or an international analytics firm with multiple offices across the globe, we have your back.

    To reach the first page of Google, your business may need external assistance. That’s because not all companies have a dedicated SEO team. The agency/company that you hire for handling and enhancing your business’ SEO projects is known as an SEO company.

    There can be many types of SEO companies that you may come across. While some SEO agencies may offer you only two to three SEO plans, others may present customisable SEO and digital marketing plans for better returns.

    It’s your choice and job to ensure that you hire a reliable SEO company that can produce results for you.

    Choosing the right search engine marketing company for your business is crucial for high-quality service and a good return on investment. While hiring an SEO company, the following pointers must be kept in mind:

    • Background and experience
    • Innovation, creativity and punctuality
    • Reviews, testimonials, previous project analysis
    • In your budget
    • Available when needed
    • Dedicated to the project
    • Practising what they preach
    • Customer service and support

    If you make mistakes while hiring an SEO services company, your money may go wasted. It’s super-crucial to make the right choice if you don’t wish to waste time and money. So, do keep the pointers in mind.

    SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a website reach the first page of Google or first rank in the SERPs. This doesn’t mean that websites ranked after these positions don’t get traction. However, the first page and position can dramatically boost your brand’s reputation and lead conversions at the same time.

    This means that any business looking for more business opportunities needs SEO services. Fortunately, it isn’t tricky to find qualified and reliable digital marketing and SEO services in Auckland. To get more details around any particular topic related to SEO or how it can help your business, contact us today.

    We love discussing digital marketing and SEO.

    Every search engine that we know about is a massive directory of links. These links belong to all types of websites on the web. A search engine’s job is to assess all the relevant or even remotely relevant web pages to come up with the web page, which is the most suitable solution for the search query made.

    Search engines do this with their digital spiders that crawl our web pages on a regular basis and analyse what their rankings and positions in the SERPs should be.

    Moving further, when a person does a search in the search engine, its database knows about the information that is gathered from different websites, and so it can present it on demand, based on how well the particular page was meeting Google’s search engine ranking criteria.

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