Search Engine Marketing is a broad term, which can be classified into its various constituents: search engine optimization, pay per click, link building and much more.

Search Engine Marketing can make a positive difference to your business’ popularity and growth significantly. In order to acquire a wide customer-base, it is important that you take measured steps so that the likelihood of success manifolds whereas the probability of failure reduces to minimum.

With search engine marketing techniques that are proven for results, you, too, can attain the heights of success and transform your business into a recognized brand. SMEGOWEB can help you every step of the way. We are knowledgeable, reliable and highly experienced in carrying out search engine marketing campaigns for big and small businesses. Our SEM techniques can be used as a yardstick to measure the prospects of your business’ growth in the near future.

The performance of your website depends on how well it ranks on SERPs as well as the number of conversions achieved. We can help you keep a close track of your products/services in real time whilst enabling you to reach wider audience.
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Data Collection

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Personalisation of The Web Experience

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SEO is the vital element of search engine marketing. Its importance cannot be overlooked under any circumstances, because it provides a stable base for all your future endeavours in this direction. Through organic SEO techniques, SMEGOWEB can assure you of improved visibility of your website across the dominating search engines.

Digital marketing industry has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it hardly makes sense to enter the competition with superficial knowledge. Therefore, everything boils down to choosing an adroit SEO firm that has hands-on experience in playing around with more complex SEO operations. SMEGOWEB offers a unique SEO experience with a convincing difference. Our team comprises of professionals who have acquired incredible SEO skills by burning the midnight oil over the years; thus, you can trust us when we say that we are confident to procure the desired outcomes for your online venture.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, the most popular kind of Paid Search Advertising, drives relevant traffic to your website. This is achieved by placing your ads on the search engines. Upon clicking these ads, the user will be redirected to your website, on the relevant page.

Google Adwords is the most commonly used tool that allows you to place your ads on Google network, which ultimately drives huge traffic to your website. PPC is the most reliable, quick and result-oriented approach, with the aid of which, many businesses across the globe have grown in popularity overnight.

As a business owner, you would want to hire an experienced PPC agency, but at the same time, you do not want to spend a fortune on your marketing campaigns. Well, you can bet on SMEGOWEB for a significant gain in conversions without burning a hole in your pocket. Our services offer a perfect balance between price and quality, so you can rest assured of the results without shelling out a heft amount.

SMEGOWEB comprises a team of highly experienced PPC experts who have helped diverse range of clients with their paid search advertising to procure maximum gain. Our excellent command over PPC combined with years of experience has brought us one step closer to perfection.

You may feel free to speak to our experts to know more about PPC campaigns and their sure-shot benefits.

Link Building

The algorithm of search engines relies on some kind of link popularity to determine the ranking and relevance of a website. This implies that link-building can play a significant role in bringing to your business the worth that it deserves.

Link building is important for your website to rank head and shoulder above the rest in SERPs, because without end-to-end back link, your search engine marketing may turn out to be a futile attempt. While most other digital marketing companies may stoop down to charge extra for link building process, SMEGOWEB offers an all-inclusive package that covers link building along with other SEO-related aspects.

At SMEGOWEB, we practice white hat SEO techniques and run link building campaigns across legitimate sites. Further, we come up with quality content to support link building process and incorporate anchor link to your website in order to drive relevant traffic in a seamless manner. Also, we make it a point to build links on the page levels rather than buying them. This way, we make sure that your website ranks for the desired keywords exactly the way it should.

Get in touch with our team to know more about the link-building process.


Content is the undisputed king that rules the realm of search engine marketing. Quality content is the key to your business’ growth, because it shows your visitors the prospects of dealing with you and moreover, it communicates your offerings to the reader. If it is communicated well, half battle is won.

To some extent, ‘Quality Content’ can be defined as something which is less of keyword stuffing and more of informative. Also, it is important that your content is original and free of plagiarism. Original content will place your website in the good books of search engines; hence, better ranking.

We have a team of copywriters based out of the U.S (Miami, Florida) office. They are experienced and quite flexible with their writing style, which enables them to deliver outrightly on the expectations of global clients. SMEGOWEB is committed to providing content that is well-researched, accurate and engaging. This is how we take a leading edge over others in the market.

Speak to our team for more information in this regard!

Reputation Management

No doubt Internet is proven for its excellent utility but the demerits that it accompanies cannot be overlooked either. While the positive aspects push your business towards success, the ones with negative intent hold you back and may degrade your reputation to a great extent. Even worse, it is next to impossible to identify or locate the elements that try to tarnish your reputation in the online world and the worst part is that you cannot do anything about it unless you have professional aid at your disposal.

The need for reputation management has seen a considerable rise in 21st century. Because more and more businesses are entering the online marketing sphere, the ever-growing competition is the reason why some of them stoop down to unethical ways and try to tarnish reputation of others. In the wake of such situation, reputation managers can come to the rescue. Reputation managers are PR specialists and technically knowledgeable entities who keep an eye on online activities taking place around your business and so do they pinpoint the ones which may harm your business’ reputation. They also take into account the customers’ feedback to identify the signs of reputation degradation at a nascent stage so that it could be prevented before anything worse takes place.

SMEGOWEB can manage your online business’ reputation and see to it that any harmful element is detected and eliminated before it causes any sort of damage. It takes year...


If you are going to buy a website from someone you have never known before, there are chances you could be scammed into buying a website that’s not worth your hard-earned money. If this is the case, you can simply turn to SMEGOWEB for the best advice in order to make your investment count. We can save you from frauds and scams, which are common in such trades.

SMEGOWEB has years of experience in buying websites of various business types and stature. Over our tenure so far, we have purchased websites that are worth even million dollars and this is not it; we have also worked on these website to make them rank better in their respective domains.

We do not support scam or spam websites and this is the reason why we have turned down hundreds of partnership opportunities till date.

Want to know more about our website review services? Feel free to get in touch with  us.

We at SMEGOWEB have extensive experience in purchasing websites worth over millions of dollars. We have further developed these websites to become top ranking sites in their respective niches. We have worked with over 10 web portals that have an Alexa Rank of below 30K and provided results each time. We have also rejected hundreds of partnership opportunities because their websites were scam or spam sites and did not meet our standards.


Recent business studies have revealed that the span of customers’ attention these days has reduced significantly. This makes it quite challenging for online businesses to retain customers’ attention towards their services and/or products. The best way to overcome this challenge is to give your prospective customers the ability to know everything about your offerings in a minimal time frame. This can be achieved by presenting your products or services in the form of dynamic visuals.

Video Search Engine Optimization offers the best way to push the envelope a little further and promote your business videos in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Video Search Engine Optimization not only drives distinct visitors to your website but it also strengthens your brand’s positioning and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

At SMEGOWEB we can provide video optimization services for various popular platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Google. Our extensive international reach and in-depth knowledge of multiple niches enable us to place your business videos where they belong to.

If you would like to know more about our video optimization services, feel free to contact us.

Video Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to promote business videos on top of the search engine result pages. Through Video Optimization, not only does the quantum of distinct visitors to your website increase, but along with, it also leads to an increase ...


We all know that Internet is a vast platform and there are multiple search engines that are making it a better place for businesses and customers alike. However, Google has managed to rule the roost in the recent years and has emerged as the leading search engine in every respect. There’s this feature called Google Place Optimization that helps local websites rank on SERPs on the basis of geo-specific keywords.

Google Local Listing is a very useful tool that helps your business grow in popularity across your area of operation. Through these local listings, your prospective customers will get to know about you and will be able to connect with you easily. Moreover, they can locate you on local maps or Google+ to know your location precisely.

SMEGOWEB has come a long way helping local businesses attract more customers and improve conversion rate significantly. We can work and procure desired outcomes for multi-national corporations and small businesses alike.

If you wish to improve your brand awareness and reach a wide customer-base, speak to our experts to get started.

Google Local Listings, as popularly termed, is an effective tool that aims at marketing your business in a local area where your offerings are existent. Through these listings, you can connect directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.

At SMEGOWEB, our team of Search Engine Marketing experts specializes in promoting your busin...


It is true that the design of your website matters the most, but that doesn’t imply overlooking other aspects. There’s more to your website than just aesthetics. If you look closely at your website, you will realize that you are missing out on a very important aspect – optimization. It is essential to get your website optimized for the leading search engines, especially Google.

During the design and development of a website, there are certain guidelines laid by Google Webmaster Tool that must be followed in order to avoid situations wherein Google Crawler won’t be able to locate the website pages, which are not coded properly.

At SMEGOWEB, our experts provide an exhaustive error analysis service that pinpoints the code errors or misses, which might affect the performance of your website adversely. Our experts can fix those errors and misses to make your website’s operation as seamless as it could ever be.

It is not possible to mention everything about website optimization here. If you need any further clarification on this topic, we can have a small talk over phone.


The main objective of any business owner is to progress with increased sales and procure greater ROI. When your business has online presence, it is important to have visitors who can turn out to be your loyal customers and this is what Conversion Rate Optimization is all about. CRO aims at determining your visitors’ requirements and making sure that they are getting fulfilled when they land on any page of your website.

Here are few reasons that support the significance of CRO:

Every online business is vying for more and more traffic by making financial investments in a way or the other. Since attracting traffic is not enough and number of conversions is what matters at the end of the day, CRO strategies work to improve conversion rate; hence, increased ROI.

Industry’s experts suggest every online business to focus on converting existing visitors into customers rather than attracting new visitors. Because it more likely to benefit business’ growth. Here, CRO can play its trick by enhancing the performance of your website through analytics and visitors’ feedback.

The role of CRO is not limited to mere giving your visitors what they have been looking for. It is more important to deliver on visitors’ requirements before he bounces back and move on with your competitor. Conversion Rate Optimization defies the short attention span of the visitors and make sure to cater to their requirements spot on.

Above and beyon...

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