What Is Social
Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of digital marketing where we create and share content on numerous social media platforms. The primary purpose is to expand a brand’s reach and help it achieve its marketing goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, email signups and social media followers.

There are two ways to promote a brand on social media:

  • Through paid ads
  • Through organic means

For a better understanding of how we approach social media marketing projects for small-medium businesses, we have listed the most important checkpoints in the social media marketing process:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing services

  • Social Marketing services

    Search engines hold the potential to drive floods of qualified traffic to your website. Our advertising managers target the right keywords to make sure your website receives traffic that converts at the least expense.

    Let’s get you started with Google Adwords.

    • Google Search Ad Management
    • Google Display Ads Management
    • Google Shopping Ads Management
    • Youtube Ads Management
  • Social Marketing services

    Are you looking to target business users through LinkedIn? You’re going to need advertising professionals that can manage various types of LinkedIn ads for you. Let’s connect, and we’ll handle your LinkedIn campaigns to connect you with the target decision-makers, executives, heads and influencers.

    Let’s get you started with Linkedin Ads.

    • Text Ads
    • Sponsored Content
    • Sponsored Emails
  • Social Marketing services

    With an audience base of 2.5 billion users, Facebook is the largest social platform of the present day. To run an effective social media campaign on Facebook, you can target your audience based on user interest, age, gender and other personal preferences, and our advertising managers know how to make the most out of these campaigns.

    Let’s get you started with Facebook Ads.

    • Facebook Ads Management
    • Facebook Shopping Ads Management


  • What do you do as a social media marketer?

    Our social media agency comprises a team of expert marketers and creative professionals who strategise, plan, and execute successful marketing campaigns for various brands. Our social media marketing process is precise, straightforward, and result-oriented. It is focused on building brand awareness and enhancing your overall social media presence. It is all about meeting your business objectives through rapid acquisition. As your loyal social media advertising agency, we use time-tested techniques & paid marketing tools to implement and optimise campaigns to achieve your individual business goals. We also work hard to curate high-quality social media content to engage with more customers.

  • Which social media is best for marketing?

    No one social media platform can be declared the best. Reasons? Many. For clients from different niches, this definition can vary. Also, since all social media platforms have users from different demographics and age groups, an effective marketing strategy across all platforms can reap maximum benefits. Lastly, the current audience on all platforms is shifting, which means there will always be more to one platform than we may see.

  • How effective is social media advertising?

    Very. Paid advertising nurtures more leads and transforms more prospective customers into loyal ones than traditional advertising. Hence, it delivers quick results.
    User interaction on social media platforms is commendable. Therefore, brands should invest in social media advertising to make the most of it.

  • What is the role of social media in e-marketing?

    Social media has become one of the most powerful aspects of e-marketing as it has the power to engage with billions and trillions of customers at the same time. Social networks are a part of everyone’s daily life and every brand’s marketing mix, and therefore, the benefits of using social media marketing agencies are numerous — from improving brand recognition to developing customer loyalty and boosting online presence.

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As one of the finest SEO agency in Auckland, We have partnered with leading digital marketing agencies around the globe to create something remarkable together.

As one of the finest SEO agency in Auckland, We have partnered with leading digital marketing agencies around the globe to create something remarkable together.