18 February, 2021

Shopify Web Design and Development

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Shopify is a popular commerce platform where you can set up your own online store and sell your products. E-commerce is on the rise, and many customers are preferring online shopping over offline visits. This concept has also opened the golden gate of opportunities for all the business owners who want to take a high jump and multiply business-opportunities for themselves. This e-commerce and marketing platform can be used by merchants to sell their products in person as well.

Shopify – how it started?

This platform came into establishment over ten years ago when the founder himself was struggling to sell snowboards online without a user-friendly e-commerce medium. Tobi, the founder then decided to create such a platform himself. This is how Shopify came into existence.

Today, this name has become one of the most popular and leading platforms that extends a helping hand to businesses of all kinds and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you sell online, use social media, or any other medium, Shopify has got you covered. The support that Shopify extends to all the big and small business owners is remarkable.

Why is Shopify the best platform for e-commerce website development:

Shopify extends its services of e-commerce web design and web development throughout the world. At present, people of more than 175 countries are using this platform to grow their businesses and earn huge profits. Whether you are a small start-up on a low budget or an ever-existing successful offline business, you can make your debut online via Shopify and witness your growth by leaps and bounds.

You can use this platform to create your own e-commerce website and kickstart your journey of online business. Listed below are the different services and products that can be sold on Shopify:


  • Physical products: Shopify lets you use its platform to sell any physical product. A physical product is something that has been made by hand or manufactured physically. It includes all the products that can be seen and touched. Some of the leading examples of physical products include cosmetics, jewelry, clothing and apparel, gift sets, and many others.
  • Digital products: Use Shopify to sell your digital products as well as services. As opposed to physical products, digital products can’t be touched. However, you can still make the most of this opportunity and sell them to needy customers at large. The list of digital products that can be sold on Shopify include e-books, email templates, lightroom preset for photographers, audio downloads, e-courses, etc.
  • Services and consultations: All the service providers and consultants are going great guns by using this platform to sell their services. Shopify is an easy medium wherein you can debut online and establish yourself as a successful consultant or service provider. From dentists to interior designers to fitness coaches to life coaches – thousands of consultants are multiplying their business opportunities by using this medium.Many marketing strategists are also using Shopify to extend their respective services.
  • Memberships: The culture of memberships is widespread throughout the internet.Many business enthusiasts are using the platform provided by Shopify to sell their subscription boxes to the people at large. With the help of this medium, you may create member-only access to your content on your website.
  • Ticket-based experience: The use and popularity of Shopify are not merely restricted to selling physical goods and services or offering consultation. Shopify lets all the artists or networking companies sell their tickets, coupons, and passes and earn profits. Many experience-based business platforms have started using this service extended by Shopify.The advantage of using Shopify for such services is that it lets you reach a bigger audience on a larger platform. There is no chance you cannot earn profit out of this business strategy.
  • Lessons and classes: Using the online store provided by Shopify, you can sell the classes, teaching lessons, and many other activities. According to a report, the use of Shopify for selling out classes and lessons skyrocket during the pandemic. Even today, many customers are utilizing this service to the optimum.
  • Rentals: Technically, rental businesses are service-based businesses even when it uses the physical product to continue its practices. You can extend your rental services to all your potential clients and customers by using Shopify support.When it comes to selling products, services, or doing other businesses on Shopify, there is no limit. All you are expected to do is to create a Shopify website. We advise you to go through the official terms and services of this platform to ascertain that your plan of action is legal in the region you live and you can use all the services extended by this platform. Shopify is always happy to help its users.

How To Build A Shopify Website?

Building a Shopify website is not rocket science. This intuitive and simple process involves some easy preparations that you can work on. You need to decide on some elements and features of your website like what fonts and colors will complement your brand identity, what kind of content you will put to help all your clients and customers know about your business, etc.

Shopify entertains a wide selection of themes, templates, font options, color palettes, and other elements to aid you with the Shopify website building process. Let’s look into the details of how you can build a Shopify website:

  • Sign up for Shopify: This platform encourages you to build your own Shopify website as a part of its 14-day trial. Yes, you heard it right. You can register for your website on Shopify and enjoy a 14-day trial. Once your trial period is over, you can choose between monthly plans and get going to establish your site. Shopify entertains different monthly plans for all kinds of individuals. You can buy these plans for a minimum of $29/mo.
  • Add your products:Once you have signed up and bought a monthly plan after a 14-day trial of the new website, the real preparation for launching your online business starts. You can add your products and services listings on this platform. Navigate to the Products section from the dashboard and add products to your listings.Alongside this, you can upload photos, advertisements, and any other element for proper marketing of your We also advise you to add a description of few lines about the services and products that you launch on your Shopify website.
  • Build useful pages: Merely developing a Products Page on your Shopify website is not enough. All your customers and Third parties may often want to dig into the necessary details regarding your products and services. It is when you must create all the essential pages and keep them informed about your business practices. The essential pages on any Shopify website must include information such as About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Legal Policy, and others.
  • Select a theme: When you plan to design a Shopify website, it is pertinent to select a theme to make your website look appealing and impressive. Shopify offers you more than 70 themes to choose from. Additionally, you can customize these themes according to the vision and style of your business. Some of these themes are specifically offered for single-product e-commerce retailers. Themes on Shopify can be free or paid. Choose as per your requirement and design a good-looking website.While deciding the theme for your Shopify website, you should prefer the features over its font and colors. As everything else can be customized according to your requirement, the features of your theme are more important to consider.
  • Customize shipping and fulfillment: Now that you are releasing your services on the online platform, you need to customize shipping and fulfillment. Establish the shipping zones on your Shopify website. Choose the country or region where you will like to extend your services. The shipping and fulfillment shall be straightforward. Afterward, select how much are you intending to charge for the shipping services. Shopify lets you use its Shopify shipping option to integrate your charges with the available charges.
  • Set up the tax region: Another useful aspect of building your Shopify website is to establish the tax region. You can head to the Settings option and click Taxes to set up the country where you operate as your tax country or region. Shopify will then automatically calculate the sales tax after evaluating the current tax rate. You can hire a Shopify expert NZ or an accounting professional to learn more about this feature.
  • Establish the payment options: Shopify Payments permits you to accept payments from more than 100 payment options such as Visa, PayPal, Apple, and many others. Establish the payment option using which you will allow your customers to pay for the services. You can establish the currencies that you are going to accept.
  • Decide on the domain name: Lastly, it is time to create a domain for your website before you make it go live. If you have already bought a domain of your e-commerce store, you can integrate it with your Shopify website. There is another option too; you can visit the web store of this platform and click on the Domains option. Buy a desirable domain name as Shopify will offer you suggestions along with alternate domain names.

Once all these conditions have been fulfilled, it’s time to make your Shopify website go live. If you are not able to follow any of the above-listed instructions or are apprehensive about building your Shopify website yourself, you can get in touch with the Shopify experts Auckland.

Shopify specialist Auckland – build your Shopify website to perfection:

Shopify experts Auckland are the trusted community members who extend to help individuals and companies as they begin to witness the development of their e-commerce business. Shopify experts New Zealand offer high-quality services specially tailored according to your business needs and preferences. It helps your business thrive by leaps and bounds. The role of Shopify SEO experts is also to empower prosperity via exclusive partner resources and learning opportunities.

Building a Shopify website is an easy process. However, maintaining it, in the long run, is not. In fact, many decisions are to be made during the beginning of your business to help your Shopify website achieve all its long-term goals. Shopify specialists Auckland help you prepare a solid plan and further strategize in the best way to complete all your tasks with efficacy.

Here is why you need to hire a Shopify expert for your Shopify website:

  • If you are looking for quality work and services to maintain your website or even promote your Shopify website through digital marketing, get in touch with a Shopify expert. These professionals are the best in the business. Apart from checking for the technicalities of your website management, they also ensure that everything remains fine from head to toe.
  • Hiring an expert helps you save your time. Assigning a particular task to a professional also ensures that you use your time in some other activities associated with your online e-commerce business.
  • Getting in touch with a Shopify expert Auckland is also integral from the customer’s point of view. When you present the demands of the customers to these professionals, they design all the meaningful strategies according to the requirements of your customers. These professionals work in a very customer-oriented manner, thereby helping in enhancing the customer experience.

When to approach a Shopify expert Auckland?

There isn’t a particular time frame to approach a Shopify expert for your website development. You may find one right after starting. Even if your business has already formulated on Shopify, you can connect with a leading Shopify Expert. Hiring a Shopify specialist comes at a cost. We advise you to prepare an overall budget before you begin with your hunting process.


Shopify is an open-source platform that provides ample business opportunities to all the enthusiasts who are eager to launch themselves online. The rise and popularity of e-commerce throughout the world cannot be overlooked. It’s about time you introduce your business on this platform and watch it grow. Hire a Shopify specialist to help you meet and combat the challenges throughout your e-commerce business journey.

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